DNA Genomic testing

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the study of genetic variation as it relates to drug response. Just as we have different eye colors , we all have different metabolic profiles based on our genetic make up.

Why is it important?

Most people know that heart disease and cancer are leading causes of death, but few people are aware that one person dies every 5 minutes from severe adverse drug reactions (SADR) to properly prescribed medications.

Benefits for pharmacogenomics testing include:
• Evaluate the effectiveness of current medications
• Choosing the appropriate medication
• Reduce serious adverse drug reactions
• Minimize side effects from medications

With the genetic results we can change approach from :

Depending on the results, you might find the doses needed might differ.

Variability in drug efficacy and drug safety is a leading challenge in current clinical practice


59% of American adults take at least one medication, and 15% take 5 or more

Adverse Medication

1.1 million emergency department visits and 272,000 hospitalizations are due to adverse drug events annually

Cut Costs

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Pre-emptive pharmacogenomic testing prevents 20% of adverse drug events

Help predict a patient’s medical and pharmaceutical response

Pharmacogenomics is an important tool in helping to understand how patients metabolize medications based on their DNA, and it is a pillar in the personalized medicine movement. 2 out of 3 individuals take medications that are impacted by pharmacogenomics.

Collection Process

– Simple 5 minute buccal swab
– Turnaround time for results: 1 day after receiving sample

Get the most out of your medications

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